Prompt: You are now the brand manager of Odor-Eaters
Our feet have the highest concentration of sweat glands. During our research, we found that most people are anxious or insecure about their feet even when people say they do not have foot odor. Following this, we saw that most people do not take care of their feet beyond changing socks and washing them. A lack of care means people do not trust their own feet. Knowing that everyone has sweaty feet and most people feel anxious about their foot odor we saw the opportunity to move Odor-Eaters from a product for extreme needs to a daily hygiene routine product. 
Pivoting to a daily hygiene routine product involved updating the logo, packaging, offerings, and target. The new logo is cleaner and flatter while still using the orange ring; utilizing the oe abbreviation for social media.  On our packaging, the new logo ring color would change based on the product. Product names now reflect their primary use making it easier for consumers to understand. Now the target market is early adulthood because this is when most people develop their everyday habits. These habits also create brand loyalty since most consumers do not switch hygiene products often. By building a relationship with young adults as they create their own habits odoreaters is in a better position to form a loyal relationship. 
Our campaign The Future You is based on the idea that odor gets in the way of who you want to be. On social media, we will be informing followers on the causes of foot odor and the best methods for preventing foot odor. Helping our followers and customers reclaim certainty amid the unpredictability of every day.
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