Student Consultant — VCU Brandcenter 2018
Company: National outdoor recreation services brand
Product: Membership Value Proposition for 2020
Background: Brandcenter’s independent study course requires partnership with a brand, during the second year, culminating in an in-person presentation to the client. 
Takeaway: Through my research analysis, I developed REI’s membership strategy which focused on creating a connected community. A few of the creative concepts that are not featured here include an app redesign, member profiles, in-app achievement system, and new REI events. The main piece of creative that came out of this strategy was refocusing some of REI's interior space. I envisioned retail spaces as a hub for member connectivity. Multiple employees sited explaining hazardous sports (i.e., kayaking) to beginners as a daunting task. This space allows employees to sit down with customers to talk them through a new sport. As a bonus, this space was designed to evoke the idea of "gear sheds" to retain the brand identity and to give up as little shelf space as possible with the new design.
Below is how this bit of creative came to life. 
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