Live Client - VCU Brandcenter
Company: Media services provider
Client Brief: How will Spotify use its position to lead discovery?
Takeaway: We are always connected but not connecting. We have become streamers instead of sharers. Spotify can help us discover through each other. Music is more than just melodies, it's apart of the moments we experience: a birthday party, a road trip with friends, or the first dance at a wedding. Music can transport us back to those moments; but, the human connection makes music the experience. 
Pitch: Our team created a social media campaign and produced Spotify Together, an interactive platform for users to share and curate playlists. Spotify Together will enhance users’ music discovery through meaningful connections with friends and community. Spotify Moments connects music to photos and connects people through events. At music events, our Spotify Together photo booths will print photos with a Spotify QR code for a shared playlist. Spotify's large open picture frames invite social media attention and will feature a Spotify QR code for a song; users can tag the photos and share with friends. Our digital billboards are specific to the area where they are located; a QR code brings up the song or playlist of what people are listening to in those areas. We will partner with Instagram allowing Spotify users to tag songs in their posts and will have sponsored ads letting people know about Spotify Moments.
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