Prompt: Create a retail experience for a brand that has never had one. 
We found Veuve Cliquot because they were the first manufacturer to mass produce champagne and are responsible for the creation of Rose. During our research, we found that there are clubs, lounges, and country clubs all across the world that are still men only or require the membership to be in the man's name. We also discovered that Veuve Cliquot's growth came under the leadership of Madam Cliquot, a pioneering businesswoman. We saw the opportunity to create a women's only lounge. This women's only lounge is L'Attique offering unparalleled views of Aspen, Colorado. Men are allowed in the lounge, but they have to come with a member. 
We are sophisticated, not pretentious. We are not your average lounge. When you enter our space, know that all of your needs will be taken care of. We are a place to forget your troubles, put your daily life to the wayside, and enjoy the moment. With a bottle of champagne, anything is possible. We are for the modern woman. We are L’Attique by Veuve Clicquot.
As the elevator doors open, guests are met with a dimly lit hallway with accents in a Veuve orange color scheme and Veuve historical pieces. Guests walk down the top floor of the St. Regis Hotel in Aspen to black doors that open into the lounge. Guests will find Veuve's brand presence is appropriate, not over the top, which promotes a relaxing, sophisticated look. 
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