Prompt: Fix a struggling brand. 
        Victoria's Secret is struggling with a changing market. Our team identified three problems facing the brand. 1) Pink is not the entry brand for VS like they thought. 2) VS was founded for men buying for their partners. VS has showcased female sexuality through the male lens. 3) VS storefronts in malls are exposed. VS customers expressed that they feel uncomfortable with the openness; anyone passing by can see what they are doing. The question remains how do we revitalize VS. 
        Our concept is to build a sanctuary for a woman to embrace sensuality on her terms. Our solution is to make a new brand focusing on empowerment. Victorie's storefront will be running a social campaign called #SEXYFORYOURSELF that would feature women on social media using the hashtag to define what sexy means to them. The store for Victorie makes shoppers feel comfortable by having a diffusion point at the entry to prevent people from seeing customers shopping. All of the touchpoints are tailored for female customers shopping for themselves, from the photographers capturing the comfort of Victorie products to the eye level in-store photography. 

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